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Practical Pleat MERV 11

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One Six Month Filter (replaces one-inch filters)

MERV 11 Practical Pleat return grille filters are designed to replace the one-inch filter without any retrofitting. This uniquely designed filter captures up to 30x more small particles than a standard one-inch filter, and its surface area is 433% greater than a typical pleated filter. Reduces dust, animal dander and many bacteria from the air and helps to reduces energy by allowing your system to work cleaner. And the effective lifetime is up to six times greater than the comparable one-inch filters.Check with your service technician to ensure you can replace your one inch filter with the Practical Pleat.
Using the five inch Practical Pleat is like upgrading to an expensive media air cleaner without the aggravation and expense of installing in-duct housings to accommodate duct mounted, deep pleat filters.

Order Includes One Six Month Filter
Recommended Change Out Schedule: SEMIANNUALLY

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